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AgDB: Database on Agriculture
Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology Annotated Dictionary
Agricultural Economics: Data
Agricultural Economics: Database
Agricultural Research Organizations on the Web (AROW): The site contains a worldwide directory of organizations and universities working in agricultural research that have a home page on the Web. [The web page is designed and maintained by ISNAR]
Agriculture and Genetic Diversity (Full Text)
Agriculture : Biotechnology Links
Agriculture: Country Profiles (from ELDIS database)
Agriculture : Conferences, meetings etc.
Agriculture : Conferences, meetings etc.
Agriculture : Directories of Experts
Agriculture : Directories of Internet Information Resources
Agriculture : Internet links by Country
Agriculture : Internet resources
Agriculture : Online Books - an electronic collection of the most important agricultural texts published between the early 19th century and the mid-20th century. The collection includes 825 full-text monographs with over 300,000 scanned pages covering topics from agricultural economics and engineering to food and soil science
Agriculture : Organizations
Agriculture : Virtual Library
Agriculture : National Agricultural Library (NAL)
Agriculture: Web Index
AgriVista : Provides a central point from which researchers may gain access to the Internet’s most relevant agricultural resources. In addition, Agrivista users will have a platform from which to better maximize available resources and collaborate more effectively. Agrivista is a collaborative effort between CGNET, CAB International and the Service for Information Technology in International Agriculture (SITIA). (General information available. Site Under Construction)
Agronomy, Crop & Soil Science Alert (Elsevier): Search facility for articles from Elsevier journals.  
AgNic:Agriculture Network Information Center
APSnet: American Phytopathological Society Net
Arid Lands Newsletter: Semiannual publication of the Arid Lands Information Center (ALIC) at The Office of Arid Lands Studies, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona. [Full text available online]
Biodiversity: Global Data by World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Biodiversity: Country Profiles
Biodiversity Links
Biodiversity: Strategies and Action Plan
Biological Control Agents: Nematodes
Biological Control Internet Information Sources
Biological Control of Invertebrate Pests
Biological Control Virtual Information Center
Bio Online: Highly Trafficked Web Resource for Life Sciences
Biosciences: Virtual Library
Biotechnology and Biosafety Pages
Biotechnology and Utilization of Biodiversity
Biotechnology: Conferences, meetings etc.
Biotechnology: Information Sources and Research Sites
Biotechnology: Products and Services
Biotechnology: Publications
Biotechnology: Virtual Library
Biotechnology: CBA's Virtual Library
CAB International HomePage
CABI: Search its database?
CABI's Useful links
CARL database search facility
CGIAR : Areas of Research
Chickpea Chloraticdwarf Virus
Chickpea filiform virus
Common Names of Plant Diseases
Development Gateway Food Security web site: Funded by the World Bank, Development Gateway is a knowledge sharing initiative about development that is taking shape in collaboration with the private sector, civil society, international agencies, and governments.
Dictionary of Botanical Epidemiology
Digital Librarian: Agriculture
ELDIS - Gateway to Development Information (IDS/DANIDA): Eldis is a gateway to online information on development in countries of the South. Coverage includes social, economic, political and environmental issues. Full text of documents available on the site.
Electronic Journals from e.doc
Electronic Journal (full text) from Leading Publishers
EliteFarmer Aims to disseminate information of use to people with small farms or rural property. Topics include farm equipment, garden, landscape, machinery, farmer market, services, farm property, employment, pesticides, livestock, crops, seeds, pest control and much more. Most documents are in pdf format.
Ex Situ Conservation (Full text)
FAOSTAT: Statistics Database
Fertilizer Companies & Organizations
Fertilizers : Statistics 1973+
Food Crops and Genetic Diversity (Full Text)
Food Security web site (Development Gateway): Funded by the World Bank, Development Gateway is a knowledge sharing initiative about development that is taking shape in collaboration with the private sector, civil society, international agencies, and governments.
Fusarium Web sites
Genomic Lexicon
GIS Development
Global Plant and Pest Information System
Glossary of Arthropod Terms
Glossary of Biotechnology Terms
Groundnut: CGIAR Areas of Research
Groundnut Chloratic spot potexvirus
Groundnut: Protein - lectin
Groundnut: Protein - peroxidase
Groundnut ringspotvirus
Groundnut Literature Database
Indian Agriculture
Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi
Intellectual Property Network
International Agri-food Network
International Association of Plant Breeders for the Protection of Plant Varieties (ASSINSEL): Publications
Internet Search Engines
IPM Almanac
IPM and Biological Control
IPM Definitions
IPM Internet Links
IPM Information
JAG - Journal of Agricultural Genomics: Provides a peer-reviewed, fully electronic forum for articles dealing with all aspects of genome research pertaining to agricultural systems. JAG is hosted by the National Center for Genome Resources. Intends to serve the agricultural
genomics community by fostering timely, educational, and interdisciplinary communication among the many disciplines that contribute to agricultural genomic research. [Full Text available, free access]
Lost Crops of Africa: Vol. 1:Grains includes, finger millets, pearl millets, sorghum etc. (Full text of the document)
Millet: CGIAR - Areas of  Research
Millet Web sites - INTSORMIL
Molecular Biology
New Agriculturist : On-line agriculture magazine containing news of what’s happening now and of developments that are on line to bring benefits to those who work in the agricultural sector.
NSSN: A National Resource for Global Standard : Serves as a central point to search for standards information from many sources and serves as an important gateway  to those that supply them.
Patents and Trademarks : Resource Directory  : Contains online patent database(s), information on Patent Attorneys, Patent Classifications, etc.
People and Plants Online
Pigeon pea : a medicinal plant?
Pigeon pea : It's more than a pulse crop
Pigeon pea : legume suppress weeds in pigeon pea
Pigeon pea : proliferation of rhabdo virus
Pigeon pea : a potential new crop for US
Plant Disease and Nematodes
Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
Plant Viruses online
Publishers-a selected list
Publishers online- an Alphabetical list
Publishing Companies online
Scirus database: 60 million science related pages from the Web as well as membership sources such as ScienceDirect, MEDLINE on BioMedNet, Beilstein on ChemWeb and Neuroscion.
Search CABI database?
Searching in the Sciences
ScienceDirect: Database on Primary Literature (Journal articles) in the Sciences
Small Grains: Documents/Sites
Software in Agriculture
Sorghum Disease Index
Sorghum: Educational Information
Sorghum: Farmer's Guide to the Internet Home
Sorghum : Food Products
Sorghum Handbook
Sorghum,grain : Fertilization
Sorghum, grain: Newsletter (Kansas)
Sorghum spp.
Sorghum,grain : Pest Control
Sorghum: Variety testing Homepage (Univ. Nebraska)
Sorghum Web Sites
Sorghum Websites - INTSORMIL
Sustainable Agriculture Internet Resources
Sustainable Agriculture Network
Virology Web sites
Voice on Intellectual Property Rights, Biotechnology, Community-based Plant Genetic Resources
WAICENT : The World Agricultural Information Centre - is FAO's strategic programme on information management and dissemination. Using Internet technologies, WAICENT provides access to FAO's data and information. WAICENT also provides specialised information systems on topics of global relevance, such as Desertification, Gender and Sustainable Development, Food Standards, Animal Genetic Resources, Post-Harvest Operations, Agro-Biodiversity and Food Systems in Urban Centres
Web-Agri: The first real agricultural search engine. You can search your information on 100.000 web pages
Weeds and Parasitic Plants
Weed Science-Definition of Terms

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